The Skateboard Block-The best skateboards for Black Friday 2022

The Skateboard Block-The best skateboards for Black Friday 2022

How to practice skateboarding?

Keep your body leaning forward slightly, if you lean back, the skateboard may slip out of control.

Take your time and try different positions. This will help you master your balance. You can move your feet and skate freely, which is actually a way to get familiar with skateboarding.

Balance on skateboards is the most important thing, try to switch feet when sliding down a slightly inclined slope.

To skate on a slippery surface (such as trying tricks on the garage floor, wear appropriate clothing that will allow for easy movement. Don’t follow the latest trends, but skate shoes are good gear.

Learn how to land safely when you fall, and even practice your drops.
Be sure to wear hard hats and elbow pads, these places are most likely to be injured.

Don’t keep cell phones or other fragile items in your pockets.

Pwigs Pretty&Popular Pro Complete Skateboards


Griptape: High density waterproof emery

Deck: Maple Wood

Baseplate: Aluminum alloy

Hanger: Aluminum alloy

Wheels: PU skidproof wheels

Bearings: Chromium steel

Color:Black/ Red/ Balck Hole/ Orange/ Blue/ Check

Skeleton/ Red & Yellow Letters/ Dinosaur

Built Up & Ready to Ride

The two main types of skateboards are the longboard and the shortboard.

The shape of the board is also important: the skateboard must be concaved to perform tricks.

Longboards are usually faster and are mostly used for cruising and racing,

while shortboards are mostly used for doing tricks and riding in skateparks.

This board includes professional assembly.

All Pwigs skateboards arrived assembled and ready to ride straight out the box.

The Rookie model includes heavy duty Aluminum 5.0 trucks, 55mm 95A high-rebound urethane wheels, precision speed Abec 11 bearings, and 80 grit black grip tape.

The Skateboard Block-The best skateboards for Black Friday 2022

Tony Hawk 31 Inch Skateboard

This 31 inch series 4 skateboard is a step up Pro Board with 5″ Custom Aluminum Trucks & Carbon Steel ABEC-5 bearings that gives you just the right balance of convenience, safety, and stability.

Thanks to a sturdy wooden build coupled with the lightweight, our skateboard for cruising makes the perfect companion for your outdoor trips and travels; it’s easy to carry around making it ideal for anyone that wants to skate anywhere they want

The complete skateboard deck is made using durable and sturdy maple wood to add strength and stiffness while also gives it a stylish flair; it offers more traction for your feet and gives better control when skating

The Skateboard Block-The best skateboards for Black Friday 2022

700KIDS Skateboard 31 Inches Double Kick Concave Skate Boards

1. GIVE YOU FLY FEELINGS: We bring the skateboard with high rebound PU wheels (50mm,92A) with ABEC-9 precision bearings and 95A PU bushing. The wheel is super smooth and can give you a quick response from the ground. The skateboard is perfect for commuting, skate parks, ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground. You will like the fly feeling of riding on this standard skateboard.

2. SKATEBOARDS FOR BEGINNERS AND SKILLED: The 8 layer premium maple deck features the double kick concave design combined with high-density 80AB emery sandpaper, giving your feet enough locked feeling and making it easy to learn some tricks. We made the skateboard sturdy enough to support weight up to 220 pounds (99.8kg). It’s more than a skateboard for kids and beginners but also a skateboard for adults and the skilled.

The Skateboard Block-The best skateboards for Black Friday 2022

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