The Skateboard Block:Skateboard Practice Skills

Try switching feet. You can slide with a foot you don’t use much (back foot to front foot, etc.). Works great for “half-pipe” slides.

Try to maneuver the skateboard. With one foot on the tail and the other under the pointed tip, test the pressure on the tail to lift the front section. Try it out, it’s not easy to maneuver a skateboard over long distances.

Learn to jump with a board. This front-wheel-first technique is the most important of all skateboarding skills. It is a prerequisite for learning many other skills.
One foot on the tail of the board and one foot behind the front wheel. Some people may like to put their forefoot in the middle of the board, but this is not easy to learn. That kind of action is done for the slap-and-board jump, jumping to the height of the skateboard’s sideline.
Release the pressure on the front foot so that the tail of the skateboard presses down, and as soon as it hits the ground, let the back foot jump up (the key here is to be fast). Jump as high as you can.
When the board is flying, the friction of the anti-skid layer of the sole should be used to make the front section warp higher.
Let your feet be in the air and plant your feet exactly where the wheels are.
Try this cool move now.

The Skateboard Block:Skateboard Practice Skills

Learn how to land. When landing, remember to bend your knees and keep your feet above the wheels. This way you can continue to glide successfully and the board won’t break easily.

Learn how to do an air spin skateboard move. When jumping with a board, you can jump as high as you can, with your feet flat, and your front feet apply thrust to turn the board 180 degrees. Do a slight push down on the back leg to make the turn easier.

The Skateboard Block:Skateboard Practice Skills

Learn to kick and turn. Similar to the above technique, but the difference is that when applying pressure to the board, step on the edge of the board and let the board fly. You can try the moves first, and then try the skateboard. This technique is not easy, practice a lot and don’t give up.

The Skateboard Block:Skateboard Practice Skills

Learn how to “grind”. Start with the track at the low point (less than 30 cm high), this technique is not easy, practice a lot.
Try jumping on the track with both feet first, then try jumping on the skateboard with your feet on the track and the skateboard flying to the side.
Then try jumping on the track with the board, don’t worry about where the board will fly after, just make sure your feet are on the track.
Then try real kung fu, jump with the board as high as you can, go up the track, put your feet on the axle, and keep the skateboard balanced on the track.
Once you get to the end of the track, turn the board around (so it’s facing in the right direction) and land your feet on top of the axles. This technique is called “skating”.

Learning how to slide the “drop-in” technique takes guts, but it’s worth it.
Start off with the rear of the skateboard on top of the half-pipe slide, and the rear foot behind the axle, but far enough away for balance.
Put the front foot above the axle, press, let the skateboard go down, don’t hesitate, or you will fall, this trick requires courage and confidence.
Don’t worry about sliding off the other side, just jump off the board at the top.

The Skateboard Block:Skateboard Practice Skills

Try the edge trick. Good ones like Rock to Fakie, Axle Stall, Nose Stall, etc. It looks cool, but it’s not hard if you practice for months.

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The Skateboard Block:Skateboard Practice Skills

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The Skateboard Block:Skateboard Practice Skills

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